The perfect frenchie

We live a quiet life in the north of Scotland. We are Kyle, Azhara and Kikka the French Bulldog. A few years back we were looking to adopt a recuse dog and had never considered actually getting a Frenchie. When an opportnity came about to adopt one, we decided to take a chance. Within minutes of having Luna (our first rescue Frenchie) in the car we were smitten.

The affectionate nature, the constant curiosity and of course, the truffling! We were won over in no time. Sadly, Luna suffered from severe epilepsy and we lost her to a bad seizure shortly after taking her on. We were heartbroken and the whole thing made us unsure if we could take on another dog, especially given that French Bulldogs can be known for health issues. We decided to wait it out for the emotions to settle but after a few months we were back on the lookout and that’s when Kikka came into our lives.

This page is just some information we’re passing on from our own experiences with the breed in the hope that maybe some others can pick up a few useful tips and/or help you make the decision if a French Bulldog is right for you. We are not Vets, medical professionals and can take no responsibilities for actions you may take with your own dog should you be influenced by anything we say on this site.