Wallmart Dog Beds. A roundup of dog beds for every budget.

Wallmart Dog Beds. A roundup of dog beds for every budget.

Wallmart dog beds.

So for this post we’re gonna take a look at the available Wallmart dog beds. We’ll be looking at washable dog beds, waterproof dog beds and even dog bunk beds! If your dog is anything like our’s, they probably spend a lot of time in their bed so it’s important to make the right choice. This post has been broken down into sections for each size of dog and also, for every budget. Hopefully this makes the process a little easier for you.

The selection of Wallmart dog beds is vast so I’ve filtered out all of the beds that average less than 4 stars in an effort to try and find the best options. When possible I’ve also tried to get the beds with a decent number of reviews because let’s face it, we want nothing but the best for our four legged friends.

So without any more talk,

let’s see the contenders!

Wallmart dog beds for small dogs.

Entry level:

1: At the price of a beer the Vibrant Life Cozy Cuddler has to be worth a look. It comes in at $5.97 and with free shipping! There’s a choice of patterns available and from 386 ratings, 302 people scored this bed 5 stars. One negative review said it arrived and was smaller than it looked in the photo but the specs state that it’s 19″ x 15″ so as long as you have your measuring tape, you can decide if this is big enough.

2: If you want something a little larger then you could consider the Pet Bed Cuddler. With two size options available so you can take your pick. Only 15 reviews on this one but with 4.5 stars and 90% of people recommending it, it seems like a good bet. The one negative review didn’t even leave any text, just a single star.

Mid budget.

1: The Best Freinds by Sheri Calming Donut is a flexible choice for a middle of the road budget. They offer sizes from small, right through to XL with the price increasing as the size goes up. From 45 reviews, 39 people gave this 5 stars with several reviewers opting to buy a larger size and sleep 2-3 dogs in the one bed.

2: At $29.99 the K&H Pet Products Elevated Cot Dog Bed looks like an unusual choice to say the least but with over one hundred 5 star reviews, it’s hard to argue. The bed measures 17″ x 22″ and looks easy to clean. Owners seem to love it and many are using it as an outside bed.

dog beds small
An unusual look but owners are loving it. The K&H Elevated Cot Bed.

Top budget.

1: The K&H Deluxe Ortho Bolster Sleeper might look like your Grandmother’s sofa but owners seem to rate it. It also has ascending size options from small through to extra large and also two colour choices. It doesn’t have a huge amount of ratings but the ones it has are positive.

2: With a waterproof lining and removable, washable cover the Barkbox 2 in 1 could be a good bet. Many people need waterproof dog beds so this has you covered. Again, you can pick your size and owners say it’s durable although the material maybe a little less soft. Seems like a hardwearing bed and if washable dog beds are what you’re after, this one’s for you.


Wallmart dog beds for medium dogs.

Entry level.

1: The Precision Snoozy Sleeper doesn’t look like the most exciting bed but at under $15 it’s not one of the most expensive dog beds either. 88% of owners would recommend it so this makes it seem like good value for money. It has a non slip backing and it’s an option if your browsing for washable dog beds.

2: For a few more $$s the Vibrant Life Urban Lounger has a bit more shape and more reviews to back it. Two colour choices and it measures at 23″ x 31″. It has also has more than enough 5 star reviews to put your mind at ease.

Mid budget.

1: If you’re concerned about your pooch overheating, the K&H Pet Products Cool Bed fills with water and claims to keep your dog cool on the hot, summer days. It comes in three sizes and starts at under $50. Although it doesn’t look fancy it might be worth considering if you live somewhere with hot summers.

2: A more enclosed option with a softer fabric construction is the Paws & Pet Pals Triangle. There are three different sizes available for this one and all under $50. No cool down function but it does look comfortable and spacious.


Top budget.

1: The Petmaker Orthopedic Memory Foam comes in just over $60 for a medium and sizes go all the way up to Jumbo! Owners say it’s ‘very firm’ so that’s something to keep in mind.

2: If your dog prefers to be enclosed then the Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave could be for you. 96% of owners recommend it and that’s from 178 reviews so it seems to be a winner for sure. Definitely one for the pooches that like to burrow under blankets. Prices go from $70 to just over $130.

dog bed medium
One for the dogs that like to burrow. The Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave.


Wallmart dog beds for large dogs.

Entry level.

1: For larger dogs it can be difficult to find washable dog beds as many are too bulky but The Vibrant Life, Soft Crate Mat  is a no frills solution for the bigger canine. At $25 it’ll well priced for it’s size and it’s made from soft, plush material. 86% of owners recommend this dog bed.

2: If you’d like something a little more enclosed, Vibrant Life have you covered again with their Lounger Style Bed . Priced at $30 and with close to 300 ratings to put your mind at ease and it measures in at 36″ x 27″.

Mid budget.

1: Although it doesn’t have hundreds of reviews yet the early impressions of the Fur Haven Deluxe Orthopedic Chaise  are good. Just under $45 for a large and you can upgrade to Jumbo size if you need to go that little bit bigger and with an outer layer that zips off it fits in the washable dog beds category.

2: A little more straightforward in the looks department but the Serta Lux Plush Fur Memory Foam bed has got you for comfort. It’s less than $40 and offers good support. One to consider if your dog suffers from joint pain or is maybe a little older. Again, it’s one of the washable dog beds that Wallmart have on their site.

dog bed large
FurHaven Deluxe Orthopedic.


Top budget.

1: Are you limited to waterproof dog beds? Because Dogbed4less offer this Orthopedic Waterproof Memory Foam bed and sizes don’t only go up to large, there XL, Jumbo and XXL available. The large comes in just under $80 and the few owners that have reviewed it seem to love it.

2: This one featured earlier in the medium dogs section but they offer larger sizes also and with 172 people recommending it from 178 owners it’s hard to ignore it. The Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave looks to be a great bed and it has  stack of 5 star reviews next to it’s name . Prices range from $100-$130.

Luxury dog beds and wildcards.

In this section, we’ll take a brief look at everything from dog sofas to dog bunk beds an at the end, I’ve thrown in my wildcard selection.

1: Enchanted Home Pet Skylar Sofa . When it comes to Wallmart dog beds I think this one was my favourite. I feel like I want one of these for myself! If you have a royal pooch who demands the absolute finest, this might be the option you’re looking for.

2: I never knew dog bunk beds even existed but if you’re looking, we have two options available. First up, for the medium Duplex Pet Bunk check here.

3: And for dog bunk beds with a slightly more vintage style, you can check out the Arm’s Reach Duplex Pet Bunk with Cocoa liner.

4: Finally, and if you really want to go all out, the Bowsers Double Bolster bed is the one for you. I can’t even describe this one. You just need to look. This is one of the most expensive dog beds I could find but it has good ratings so who am I to disagree.

Wallmart dog beds tiger
Maybe your dog wants to shack up with a tiger? Bowsers Double Bolster.


So there you have it. Our round up of Wallmart dog beds for every shape and size of pooch and every budget. Hopefully this post has taken out some of the leg work for you and/or given you a few ideas.

If you’d like to contact us please do so using the form here.

Thanks for reading.




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